This morning, Philadelphia Business Journal reported that Collegeville would soon be welcoming a ‘Movie Tavern’ to Providence Town Center (location of the current Wegmans).  This is great news for movie-goers in our area who might want something other than the standard auditorium-seating, popcorn-and-soda movie express.   This “drink and dine” theatre will give patrons first-run movies and a complete in-house dining experience.  According to the Texas-based company’s website, the “Movie Tavern” concept includes: food items ordered in the lobby and delivered to your seat; a menu of appetizers, burgers, hand-tossed pizzas, desserts and the usual popcorn, candy and soda; beer, wine and margaritas will be served from the lobby bar; tables in front of all theatre seats.  Read the rest of the article by visiting Philadelphia Business Journal’s website: or visit the Movie Tavern home page at: