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You knew it was coming and here it is…Kimberton Whole Foods on Local Market Monday.  Despite the shared use of the term “Whole Foods”, they have no affiliation with the national chain Whole Foods Market.  Kimberton Whole Foods has been serving the Chester County area for almost 25 years.  From their humble beginnings selling Seven Stars Yogurt across from the Kimberton Waldorf School to their current expansion to four stores serving the Greater Philadelphia area, Terry and Pat Brett have maintained their commitment to the promotion of locally-grown, primarily organic food and the promotion of the farmers and artisans who provide it.

Kimberton Whole Foods is currently headquartered in the village of Kimberton, PA, with additional locations in Downingtown, Douglassville and Ottsville.  They provide a wide variety of organic and natural foods, both fresh and pre-packaged, and they boast one of the largest selections of certified gluten-free food in the area.  You will find sections featuring all gluten-free foods but you will also find GF items intermingled throughout the stores.  Just look for the green half-moon on the price tag and you’ll know that you are “going green for gluten-free.”  If you are looking for supplements, vitamins or health and beauty care items, each store also offers an extensive apothecary department staffed with trained associates* to assist in your approach to holistic health.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply speak to one of their friendly associates who would be glad to special order it for you at no additional cost and if you order by the case (which is not as much as you’d think) you’ll receive an extra 10% discount.  Gotta love those discounts!

When you are visiting the Kimberton location make sure you stop by their café for a fresh, made-to-order sandwich or some piping hot, savory soup.  Not sure what to make for dinner?  No problem, their newly debuted prepared food bar (items sold by weight) has many healthy and delicious dishes to offer for that last minute dinner.  Are you looking for a gift to treat yourself or someone special?  All of the Kimberton Whole Foods locations have a wide selection of beautiful fair-trade and locally-made clothing, toys, books, jewelry and much more just waiting for that special occasion.  Terry is always on the lookout for new local vendors to showcase.

It’s worth your time to browse through one of the four Kimberton Whole Foods stores and meet the dedicated staff who work there.**  If you’re new to the store, let them know.  You’ll receive a welcome pack full of samples, coupons and valuable information about the store and some of their vendors and to keep abreast of their latest monthly sales, contests and store information you can visit their website at or find them on Facebook.  Kimberton Whole Foods is more than grocery shopping; it’s an experience in community and good health.

*Apothecary associates are not medical professionals.  A consultation with an apothecary associate should only be made after speaking with your personal physician.

** In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of those friendly and dedicated staff members.

About the Author: Kim Kremer is a formerly reluctant pastor’s wife living in the fishbowl and blogging about it at  Without her four kids, a perpetual mountain of laundry and a need to cook around three food allergies, she’d probably be bored…or perhaps well rested?!