On April 19th & 20th, Chef Moon (Chabaa Thai, Mango Moon) will be recreating the meal she prepared at The Beard House last week on April 4th.

Recounts from individuals who were lucky enough to enjoy the meal in New York noted that it was “tantalizing and unique, with appealing flavors and combinations that one might not necessarily jump into without a push.” The level of authenticity was impressive and the meal was very well-received.

Though labor intensive, Moon and her staff have decided to celebrate the evening’s success—and the poignant farewell to Mango Moon—by recreating the meal at Chabaa Thai. Through the James Beard recreation dinner, diners will trace the charming tradition, rich culture, and peaceful way of living with Chef Moon while celebrating the true spirit of authentic Thai cuisine—one that requires elaborate preparation and healthy, fresh ingredients. With the fine touch of her and her artisan chefs, all dishes are delicately prepared with rich herbs and aromatic spices. So, whether you are a true fan or a first-time explorer to Thai food, your dining experience at this dinner will be a memorable one.

To take a peek at the menu, view below. Pricing is as follows: 5 courses for $50, 7 courses with wine pairings for $65. (Both prices include tax and tip).

There will be ONE seating each night at 6:30pm. Depending upon reservations, the regular menu may still be available. The deadline for reservations is Sunday, April 17th. Find Chabaa Thai at 4371 Main Street in Manayunk or online at www.chabaathai.com.

The Songkran Thai New Year/James Beard Dinner Menu is as follows:



Lab Tod
Leaf-Wrapped Crispy and Spicy Chicken, Cilantro, Thai Mint, Roasted Rice, Lime Juice, and Fish Sauce

Khao Kiep Pakk Mao
Thai Rice Flour Crêpes, Minced Pork Loin, Shredded Coconut, Ground Peanuts, Sweet Daikon, & Cilantro Roots

Sai Augh*
Grilled Northern Thai Sausage, Galangal, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Shallots, Scallions, Shrimp Paste, and Red Curry
Domaine de Martinolles Blanquette de Limoux Brut NV



Pla Samlee Dadd Deow
Crispy Smoked Cotton Fish with Green Mango Salad and Steamed Jasmine Rice
Elk Cove Vineyards Pinot Gris 2009

Kao Mann Gai Tone
Steamed Free-Range Chicken with Jasmine Rice, Cucumber, Chili, Ginger, & Soy Sauce
Handley Cellars Gewürztraminer 2009

Kanom Jeen Kaeng Keaw Wan Nua*
Green Curried Beef with Vermicelli, Thai Eggplant, Onions, Basil, & Peppercorns
Santa Quiteria Higueruela Garnacha Tintorea 2009

*Denotes 7-course additions.



Kanom Sod Sai, Pol Lamai Loyy Giew
Banana Leaf–wrapped steamed rice flour with Sweet Coconut and Palm Sugar; Jackfruit with young Coconut, Longan, Water Chestnuts, and Coconut Syrup

Warm Tea with Navan Vanilla Cognac