David Sauls was shocked when he and his wife returned from a beer bus tour in North Carolina and couldn’t find a single bus tour highlighting the phenomenal micro-breweries in our area. This spring, he drafted up a business plan and the Craft Beer Bus started rolling along Southeastern PA in April.

For David, the Craft Beer Bus is a labor of love, “In this area, there are so many great craft producers, that the Craft Beer Bus just makes sense. I love craft beer, I think it’s one of those few quality products that we are making in this country right now. Part of what we are doing is promoting that, while supporting local businesses.”

Over the next few months, the Craft Beer Bus has plans to barrel through Collegeville, Royersford, King of Prussia, Pottstown, Philadelphia, Lancaster, New Hope, Stevens, Allentown and Easton, with ambitions to eventually involve the majority of the breweries in the state. Their beer-trotting bus runs tours once a month and hopes to include monthly transportation to beer festivals.

Each tour includes a tasting and behind the scenes VIP tour at three microbreweries (with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the brewery). Tours are generally four to six hours, not including transportation time, allowing each customer a chance to savor the last drop. Don’t worry, for longer rides, you won’t have to resort to singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall” for entertainment,  participants get to test their brain power with quizzo.

These tours are not just about meeting new people and trying new brews, the Craft Beer Bus aims to educate people about the fine craft of microbrewing. Microbreweries all start with the same four supplies (hops, water, malts and yeast), but each brewery has its own character. The Craft Beer Bus provides all key ingredients for a memorable trip and cases of fermented fun!

During their inaugural bus trips, bus riders came in as strangers and left as friends, bonding over new memories and brews. Tickets are between $50 and $65 (depending on the distance) and can be purchased online. Gift certificates are also available for special occasions (or just because) for the beer lovers in your lives.

David loves brewing beer as much as he loves drinking it and has been brewing for seven years. He said, “The chemistry, the biology part of it and then being able to share it with people. That’s how I see the craft beer bus. We will put people on a bus and take them to these places and we are sharing the whole craft beer experience with them.”

Be sure to hop on a Craft Beer Bus tour before these exciting events get tapped out: