We want to talk food and we want to talk food with you!

Each month, the Town Dish will handpick one of our favorite foodies to feature on our site, uncovering their preferred eats and addictions, favorite local spots and even, what they will not eat. From food writers and chefs, to locals who are openly food-obsessed, you’ll find them all in this column! Want to nominate a food lover for this feature? Email cheers@thetowndish.com!

In our first installment, we thought we’d talk with our favorite resident foodie (Dish’s Editorial and Social Media Director) Amy Strauss. Read on for a peek into her food obsessed world.

How do you define the term foodie and do you consider yourself one?

Seems like the term “foodie” has fallen out of favor, and has started sticking to people putting on vulgar displays of food-snobbery; boasting conquests in quail eggs and foie gras. BUT, I think anyone who is a genuine food appreciator or has a refined interest in the vast world of full-flavored  eats falls into the “foodie” spectrum. And, by my definition, yes I am one.

If you could pick the best components of a few Chesco restaurants to create one super-fabulous restaurant, what would they be?

Draft beer lineup of Side Bar & Restaurant, Prince Edward Island mussel menu of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, cheese boards from Talula’s Table, interior decor and dishes comprised of locally-raised meats from Amani’s BYOB, outdoor seating of Four Dogs Tavern and finally, desserts from the Fenix Martini Bar (as prepared by Sweet Ruminations) and beer truffles from Eclat.

How did you get into food and/or cooking?

Being raised in a large PA Dutch family, life is all about devouring one communal feast after the next. I was lucky to have been raised around two fabulous grandmothers who prepped impeccable creations without a bat of an eye. My interest in food and city-wide dining only intensified when I took a food intern gig my senior year of college, at Philadelphia City Paper. I now live and breath all things food and drink.

Photo | Allison Benford

If I were to ask your significant other or best friend what your worst “foodie” trait is, what would they say?

Without a doubt, the fact that I have to photograph and tweet everything we eat, before anyone can eat.

Describe your perfect meals for one full day.

Day starts ‘round 8 am with a just-out-of-the-oven, extra-gooey sticky bun (Naomi Strauss’ recipe only, please) devoured and dipped into a fresh cup of java of One Village Coffee’s Smart Blend. Brunch at noon at Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe with the Flying Dutchman (a stacker on wheat toast with a slab of  scrapple and a smear of apple butter, and a perfect runny egg on top). Afternoon snack of Hungry Ghost Bread’s chocolate-stuffed, 8-grain sourdough and a small spoonful of Scooped’s Framboise Lambic ice cream. Dinner of The Bookstore’s Kobe Beef Burger with bacon jam, aged cheddar and bourbon BBQ sauce, with a side of Station Taproom’s truffled salt french fries. And, if you think reached my This Is Why You Are Fat max already, pause. Add Eagles Mere Inn’s duck confit with a local Bing cherry gastrique, the Lovers’ Roll from Veekoo and Vegan Treats’ Peanut Butter Bomb Cake.

If you were a food, what would it be and why?

Amazing Acres’ blooming rind goat cheese, Sea Smoke (God rest its soul, miss it dearly). It’s unique and delicate, funky and full of surprises. Better yet, it’s a total spring season cheese that’s layered in vegetable ash and paired best with strawberries (and, if I was a fruit that’s what I’d surely be, too).

Guilty food pleasures?

Mark Van Horn’s legendary $2 fried cheeseburgers from French Quarter Bistro! (You can’t skip his fried pickles, either!)

What food won’t you eat?

I’d try anything, at least once. But, while I will eat shrimp or black olives, I don’t necessarily prefer them.

What would you like to try but haven’t yet?

Still dying to partake in an insect tasting.

Favorite food person?

Anthony Bourdain. Not only is he a wizard in the kitchen, but he always has a way with words in his many facets of food writing. Plus, he’s quick-witted and snarky, and doesn’t think twice about being honest with his taste buds’  in regards to his likes and dislikes.

What do your family and friends think of your food obsessions?

That all I care about is food, or anything related to food, and every word out of my mouth trails back to something with food. They are pretty accurate.

Favorite food sites or blogs?

My Google Reader is insane! I love Madame Fromage: She’s from Wisconsin, now in Philly, and details readers in on some of the best cheeses I have ever been lucky enough to nibble — and then some! CakeSpy dominates the sweet treat world and does a reoccurring post, “Batter Chatter,” that I adore. Orangette scribes beautiful posts and recipes about cooking and baking, all perfectly stitched with her life of being a professional writer and co-owner of a Seattle-based restaurant, Delancey. Not Eating Out in New York is also inspirational, as Cathy Erway makes cooking at home affordable, healthy and appealing. Can’t ever skip SeriousEats, either.

Everyone has a go-to person they call for restaurant recommendations. Who’s yours?

All my fantastic Twitter friends. If ever I’m in need of a specific rec, they have my back in a lighting bolt speed!

What is your favorite meal of the day and where do you get it?

Dinnertime! While I’m a burger-obsessed gal and dig comfort foods done in a gourmet twist, the Mesibah (“party time”) tasting menu at Zahav is my ultimate dining experience, swirled with house made hummus and fresh-out-of-the-oven laffa flatbread, tons of pickled salads and crispy haloumi, and the main event, a whole lamb shoulder braised in pomegranate juice. Pure bliss!

Do you ever cook? What’s the best dish you make?

To be honest, I’m more an eater than an at-home chef. But, I am quite confident with my baking skills and have been told as of late that I make a mean peanut butter honeycomb candy pie.