Today, November 9, is officially National Scrapple Day and we highly encourage locals to embrace the celebration of the sacred Pennsylvania Dutch dish.

Scrapple, developed in a region where few bits of an animal are ever wasted, is concocted from all the delicious leftover bits of a pig (think heart, ribs, liver, etc.). The pork parts, after simmering for hours, are–in the simplest terms–placed in a grinder and then, thickened with cornmeal. The resulting meaty concoction becomes molded into loaves, and sooner than you know it, scrapple lovers are slicing off bread-like slabs, frying until browned and crispy, and dosing the happy sausage substitute with pure maple syrup.

Being raised in a Dutch household where scrapple was always a breakfast staple, I am partial to my family’s “Strauss Haus” sage-seasoned rendition. But, an honest-to-goodness alternative for me is always Habbersett Scrapple. And, I must admit that my food-loving heart is always fluttering when I spot area-wide chefs and specialty butchers serving up scrapple at their businesses–and usually in the most unseen, upscale varieties (yes, scrapple can be gourmet!).

For example, Town Dish obsesses over Side Bar & Restaurant‘s Scrapple Pizza, a flatbread topped with smoked fresh mozzarella, savory bits of scrapple, broken fried eggs and drizzled with maple syrup. Scroll below to catch Chef Dave’s Scrapple Pizza in all its glory. The East Gay Street spot also serves up a Scrapple Breakfast Burger for brunch that is perched with a fried egg and is equally as pleasing.

Market Street Grille‘s simple slice of scrapple is always crisped to perfection and is a fantastic accompaniment to any selection from Chef Darla’s menu. Take a quick trip to Pottstown, to Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe, and snag a Flying Dutchman Stacker, a piled-high slice of toast that is smeared with apple butter, topped with a sheet of scrapple and a perfectly-fried egg.

Of course, many restaurants speckled throughout Philadelphia have sunk their teeth into the scrapple trend. Click here to spot a fine lineup of restaurants with scrapple on the menu. PA Dutch-inspired Chef Daniel Stern preps a seasonal loaf, including his cherished Crab Scrapple with coddled egg and pepper jelly. (Note: Don’t skip other traditional items on his menu either, like the Roasted Beet Jar and Warm Soft Pretzels with house-made mustard.)

But really, on this food holiday, how do you feel about scrapple? Do you love it as much as we do? If you answer yes, we suggest you proclaim your scrapple love with this t-shirt!


Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite scrapple recipe or revealing to us what is the most creative thing you’ve ever done with scrapple. Whoever serves up the best pig-infused dish on this post will be featured in their own scrapple-loving article on! May the best home chef win! (PS: Want to concoct scrapple from scratch in honor of today? Click here for a recipe.)

Photo provided by Toren Peterson.