Amish Rob is #1. The Victory fan scored the first place in line for the release of Dark Intrigue, their limited edition bourbon barrel stout.

Rob actually arrived two hours after Marak Kurylko and Mike Frawley. These two beer lovers drove from North Jersey, arriving at Victory Brewing at 4:30 am. They promptly fell asleep in their car and woke up when “Amish” Rob Hughes tapped on their window at 6:30 am.

Rob explained his dedication to the beer. “Last year I got the last four bottles, it’s definitely good. The combination of stout with bourbon, when aged in oak, gives you strong vanilla notes.”

For Marak and Mike, this was their first trip to the brewpub. They are fans of other bourbon aged stouts, and had been pining to try Victory’s take on this classic.

“Barrel aging opens up flavors and aromas,” Mike said. “It develops character and complexity over time.”

Jeff Tincher was curious about Dark Intrigue after reading about the limited availability.  He arrived at 9:40 am and secured wristband #208. “I’m picking up four or five bottles,” Jeff said. “It will be a Thanksgiving Day treat.”






Victory produced 300 cases of Dark Intrigue for release at the Brew Pub and have stated this is the final offering of the stout, which has been aged in bourbon barrels over the summer months.

Updated 11/30/11: Additional cases of Dark Intrigue are being distributed to 18 states across the country. If you’re looking to give the bourbon barrel-aged Storm King Stout a taste, contact your local beer distributor.


Read more about the process and listen to an interview with the brewmaster below.