The West Chester Story Slam’s third season begins on Tuesday, January 10th, and the popular storytelling event has moved to a new larger venue – Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA.

“Over the past few months, our story slam has grown tremendously. At our last slam in November, I was excited but concerned about the amount of fans we squeezed into the space,” Slam Founder Jim Breslin said. “I felt bad that some of our storytellers and friends had to listen from the hallway, and I felt worse still knowing that some regulars missed the show due to the overcrowding. Victory provides a large space that will allow us to accommodate everyone.”

The West Chester Story Slam is a Story Telling Open Mic night where anyone can get on-stage and tell a true story based on the night’s theme. The only rules are a) the story should be true as you remember it, b) no props, c) no notes, and d) no music. Judges are chosen from the audience, though the competition part is secondary.

“We’ve heard about 200 stories in the past two years, and some of the stories are simply amazing,” Jim said. Most stories are videotaped and placed on the website and a monthly podcast is also produced. “One of my favorite stories from 2011 was Kyle Hudson’s story about seeing Bill Murray at a Yankees game. It was just spellbinding.”

The Story Slams are always the second Tuesday of the month and begin at 8 pm. Those that want to tell a story, simply sign up before 8 pm and names are drawn out of a hat. The themes for the 2012 season are:

  • January 10th – Resolutions
  • February 14th – Fiction Romance
  • March 13th – Communication Breakdown
  • April 10th – Rise Above
  • May 8th – Teenage Kicks
  • June 12th – Paid Vacation
  • July 10th – Lust for Life
  • August 14th – Metropolis
  • September 11th – Career Opportunities
  • October 9th – Panic Switch
  • November 13th – GRAND SLAM

Learn more about the January theme – Resolutions – and watch videos from previous slams at

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