America’s Pie, the pizza for the people, recently issued their own food feat called the “American Voyage.”

Speed eaters have 1,492 seconds (24 minutes and 42 seconds) to devour four sandwiches – The Columbus (chicken parm), The Nina (meatball parm), The Pinta (eggplant parm) and The Santa Maria (sausage parm) – a total of over four pounds of parm goodness.

In the three months since they’ve cooked up this challenge only two people have attempted the “American Voyage” and both hit a wall less than halfway through. That’s when America’s Pie owners decided to call in a professional, Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, the five-time Wing Bowl Champion.

El Wingador agreed to take this West Chester restaurant up on their culinary challenge, and he showed up on Tuesday with his appetite. He explained he looked forward to a challenge with a variety of flavors as opposed to the Wing Bowl. “When you eat 50 wings, you don’t taste anything after awhile, you just consume things,” said the legend.

Before the countdown began, El Wingador separated the tray of four sandwiches into four baskets, to help him mentally prepare for the challenge. Bill kept his friends, including “Deadliest Catch” star Russ Newberry, on the sidelines to offer words of encouragement while he took down each sandwich. His friends described him as a guy who is always giving back, whether donating to the VFW, Ride for Autism or being a spokesperson for Autism in his Woodbury Heights hometown.








He completed the challenge in 13 minutes and 15 seconds without breaking a sweat. El Wingador was thoroughly impressed by America Pie’s creations and he brought home Upside Down, Oklahoma (chicken, bacon and ranch) and New Orleans Pizzas to share with his kids.

Bill did the challenge to promote WIP Radio’s Wing Bowl 20, which is scheduled for February 3. El Wingador has said he is retiring after the event.

El Wingador’s daily training includes eating 10-15 pounds of food a day. He trains his jaw by consuming 10 pounds of cold Tootsie Rolls a week. He is a firm believer is staying in motion and walks four miles a day. He never trains with water but a bottle is always within arms reach during a competition.

El Wingador’s professional eating career started late in life at the age of 37. Bill was ranked 4th in the world in competitive eating and was crowned the winner of WIP Wing Bowl’s 7, 9, 10, 11 and 13. El Wingador has appeared on “Man Vs. Food,” competed in FOX’s 2002 “Glutton Bowl” and has a show in the works called  “America’s Biggest Eater”.

America’s Pie co-owner Mike Cerenzia was impressed. “I think it went great. He made it look so easy but then again he is a world record holder in a few different categories,” Mike said. “It’s still a very serious challenge and not everyone is going to be able to do it. Let’s see if anyone else can do what he did.”

America’s Pie’s friendly founders welcome anyone to discover a new world of creative pizzas, speciality sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps and culinary creations at 323 E. Gay Street. And for those that are really hungry, ask about trying the challenge of America’s Voyage.

America’s Pie offers all day delivery and orders can be placed by calling 484-947-5115.