Do you enjoy fine cheese? If your obsession with this favorite dairy product leads you to think more about how it was made than what it actually tastes like, you might want to keep your ears open for this fun event.

Yellow Springs Farm is happy to be hosting a workshop for those who would like a behind-the-scenes look at cheese making. On Sunday, July 29 from 11 am to 3 pm,  guests will be able to tour the farm, see a goat being milked, and get a sneak peek in the cheese cave. Afterward, it will be time to get really hands on when you’re invited to stir and cook in the cheese room, cut your curds, and salt your cheese. However, we all know the real fun doesn’t begin until you get to taste your delicious Goat-za-rella, which happens at the final step! Yellow Springs Farm will provide one pound of cheese for each guest to take home with a modified recipe so you can continue to make more cheese at home.

That’s not all! The class will wrap up with an official cheese tasting where Yellow Springs Farm plans to provide herbs, bread, soft drinks, and extra-virgin olive oil, but you have to bring your favorite tomato! It’s a B.Y.O.T.! This event is definitely suitable for all adults and mature child pairs.

Bring a friend or the family! Call or email to sign up today. The entire event costs $90 per person but YSF CSA members may attend the course for $80 each.

Yellow Springs Farm cannot accept cancellations or provide refunds due to limitied space.