If you really enjoy going out to eat and receiving exceptional customer service, chances are you like to take your time, settle in and relax. There is no rush to put an appetizer order in and not always the need for multiple courses. Many couples or friendly dates like the casual dining experience, where a few shareable plates are ordered and sampling is encouraged. A fun atmosphere, much like a cocktail party, is created for the guests to enjoy conversation amongst one another.

This type of sophisticated but laid back atmosphere, with an emphasis on quality, can be found at the General Warren Inne, thanks to their newest, freshest and most economical menu option! The delicious plates created by Chef Phil are perfectly portioned for two people. Can’t pick one? Order more and share! This is also a great option if you’d like to take some leftovers home to enjoy the next day. Their Shareable Portions are part of the Tavern Terrace Menu available outside on the beautiful terrace or inside the tavern, where you’ll be sure to stay nice and cool during these steamy Summer days.

Now when you stop in to give the Shareable Portions menu a go, you’ll also be able to enter to win an overnight stay along with a $75 gift card. All you have to do is drop your business card in a bowl upon entering. Perhaps next time you enjoy the menu below, it will be joined by an overnight stay and free dinner!

Stuffed Petite Beef Steak Tomato “Salad”    11
herbed chevre, Katamala olives, artisan greens
with fresh tomato vinaigrette

Vegetarian Spring Rolls    9.5
served with spiced edamame puree and sweet
soy dipping sauces

Roasted Beet & Arugula Salad    9
shaved carrots and orchids with a
citrus goat cheese dressing

Wild Mushroom Tart    8
spinach, wild mushrooms, fresh herbs and brie
baked in pastry puff, with raspberry jus

Chicken Confit    11
frenched chicken drums, confit’d with leeks accompanied
by a warm red currant & chipotle confiture


Photography credited to Nina Lea Photography.