Phoenixville isn’t as small as some would believe, and of course, I am referring to our non-Town Dish audience. Whenever people envision Phoenixville, their mind gravitates toward Bridge Street. They tend to forget the scope stretches much further than just downtown. But regardless of that frame of mind, Phoenixville is still being compared to the likes of Manayunk and West Chester, PA. I’ve even heard Bridge Street referred to as “the strip” not just once, but on several occasions. After hearing that, I have to tell you, being a resident of Phoenixville for over 28 years, I found myself in a bit of a chuckle. Then again, who can blame them? Phoenixville has become quite popular the last few years and for being solely recognized for that one street, that’s rather impressive.

Now if you’ve ever been to Bridge Street, you know it’s filled with an exorbitant number of restaurants, coffee houses and a fairly impressive bar scene. These spots vary in menu price, space, age demographic, but most of all, diversity. Cultural diversity.

Phoenixville’s restaurant scene, and I’m not limiting it to Bridge Street, covers everything from authentic Italian dishes to Thai cuisine. And with that authenticity, these establishments offer a unique atmosphere related to their very culture. You can’t walk into Molly Maguire’s Pub without experiencing that nostalgic feeling of an Irish pub in Dublin or visit Daddy Mim’s Creole without thinking about being whisked away to New Orleans. What some might see as being hip and trendy, others may see as culturally significant. I’ll leave that impression up to you.

So in light of the newest addition on the block, Hacienda La Michoacana, I’ve decided to take it upon myself and explore Phoenixville’s diversity in a column I’d like to call, Around the World with Phoenixville Dishes. Think Epcot in Disney World, but in our own backyard! And not just Bridge Street, Foodie Fans. I am going to feature the whole scope of Phoenixville from the Mexican flavor at 101 Bridge Street to the Japanese Restaurant off of Schuylkill Road. No passport necessary!

Tag along as I enjoy a pint of Guinness paired with some Fish and Chips, a fine glass of red wine with some of the finest Italian cuisine or a fairly sized Margarita during my time at Hacienda La Michoacana. I intend on soaking in the diverse flavors Phoenixville has to offer. Next time you’re in town, I suggest you do the same!

Until then, Salute, Sláinte, Salud and Cheers!