With all this heat as of late you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Mother Nature, it’s time to cool off already!” Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is right there with you!

The Phoenixville crew has decided to take matters into their own hands on Friday, August 17th as they host The Big Chill. This event will allow guests to escape the heat with an assortment of beer slushies, ice cream, sorbet, floats and other delicious concoctions. From 5 to 9 p.m., those looking to beat the heat can slide into their favorite restaurant & brewery for a whole new tasting experience.

Some of the tasty treats include Vienna Red Lager Slushy, Orange-Belgian Tripel Slushy, Hop Sorbet, Chocolate Stout Ice Cream, Pig Iron Porter Float and Berliner Weisse Snow Cone. They will even offer beer infused toppings such as Salted Beer Caramel Sauce, Beer Soaked Cherries, Almond-Beer Brittle and Russian Imperial Syrup.

It’s your favorite brews like you’ve never seen them before. If you thought they were refreshing already, then wait until you get a taste of these treats that put heat in the time out corner! Special slushy and ice cream/sorbet tasters will also be available for those who can’t decide. We’re thinking that might be a lot of customers since their menu is jam packed with creamy, frothy, frozen goodness!