Stone Crab Claw Season is almost upon us and Chef Eric Gantz of Sullivan’s Steakhouse isn’t wasting any time getting acquainted. From October 17th until May 15th, Sullivan’s Steakhouse will be offering the seasonal delicacy in the freshest way, based on availability.

It’s not too easy to get your hands on the sea treat outside of Florida. The Stone Crab Claws’ sweet, firm meat only appears on select restaurant menus and this one happens to be in your back yard so don’t miss the opportunity.

Guests may share claws with their table as an appetizer, enjoy them as their main entree or even add them as an accompaniment to the wide variety of steak and seafood items. Don’t forget to add a signature cocktail as a side! Claws are cracked fresh to order, never frozen, and served with a traditional Dijon sauce and fresh hot towels.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse is located at 700 West Dekalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA. Please visit or call (610) 878-9167 for reservations and more information.