For most diet-conscious Main Liners, “quick & vegetarian” usually means grabbing a condiments-from-a-jar and iceberg lettuce-filled wrap from the local fast food or convenience store. Other restaurants, meanwhile, tout lower calorie count items (“Less than 500 per serving!”) ignoring the fact that, in reality, truly healthy translates into the freshest and cleanest fruits, vegetables and grains one can find, and each served in its rawest form. In other words: The cold cuts-filled sandwich from Subway that’s working so well for Jared is fine –though much healthier options now exist.

Recognizing the Main Line’s need for quick-serve vegan, gluten-free, and 100% nutrient-intact foods, Sheryll Chavarria has recently opened Raw Can Roll Café, an intimate yet energized 17-seat eatery on Lancaster Avenue, conveniently situated next to that retailing bastion of healthy living, Whole Foods in Devon.

This version of Raw is actually an iteration of Sheryll’s initial Roll. In 2010 she opened her first café endeavor in Douglasville, Berks County, which is just northwest of her home in Pottstown. After a couple years though, this fit and vibrant “former hippie” soon realized Douglasville consumers did not exactly have the earthy-crunchy attitude she was hoping to fulfill. “We had appreciative regulars, but there were just not enough health conscious people out there. We were either going to die or move.” Fortune soon smiled upon Sheryll when this current space became available, next to (but detached from) the health-promoting hub that is Whole Foods. Business has been flourishing for Raw Can Roll Cafe since its July 19th opening.

Inside the cute space there’s a requisite of positive energy; an esoteric vibe emanating from the funky artwork, wall posters and open kitchen. A smattering of mulberry colored tables and kelp green chairs over a parquet floor offer convivial spots at which to dine.

Everything here is made in-house, from “Appeteaser” starters such as the sunflower hummus and authentic Mexican guacamole, “Toss’n & Turn’n” salads like South of the Border kale; main dishes include Thai spring rolls (the rolls are actually zucchini ribbon wraps enveloping a plethora of veggies), and a house favorite, the black bean Mediterranean burger with mission sun-dried olives, served on addictive onion flat bread.

Sheryll and her staff (including Matt who also works for the Whole Foods next door) create each item from scratch, including side dishes (jicama “potato salad”/cucumber dill in lemon marinade), smoothies, and their scrumptious “sweet nothin’s” – surprisingly decadent desserts such as coconut brownies, cocoa almond macaroons, and a delicious assortment of raw chocolates.

Back to those smoothies for a moment:

Each one has a Golden Era of Rock n’ Roll name (“Tutti Frutti”, “Love Potion #9”, “Blueberry Hill”), and they are all comprised of healthy ingredients including fresh fruits & coconut/almond milks. Super food infusions (maca/hemp/acai/goji powders) may be added, and there are also several fresh-pressed juices to choose from, as well as revitalizing wheat grass shots.

Why Raw Can Roll?

Sheryll explains: “I wanted to give it a name that Baby Boomers could relate to; a group that, more than any other is…open to the normalcy of eating raw. Thus, Raw Can Roll!”

The café is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am till 7pm.

The store also incorporates Pure Body, a total wellness facility offering a variety of health-based services including massage, dietary programs and internal cleansing & detoxification.

Douglasville’s loss is certainly Devon’s gain. Raw Can Roll is quickly becoming the go-to source for the best foodstuff in our area, and it is showing locals that, yes, nutritious can also be delicious.

Find Raw Can Roll at 767 W. Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, PA or online at They are reachable by phone at 484-580-8454.