Many heard about the sad news by word of Facebook, as Strawberry Fields Juice & Smoothie Bar of Phoenixville announced they would be officially closed come Saturday, August 4th. It’s no doubt their loyal fans rushed to the quaint cafe for their final fresh food and drinks.

We were able to delve a little deeper into the unfortunate event after an email chat with co-owner Susan Barret. Here the gung-ho nutritionist, who opened Strawberry Fields in November of 2010 with Rob Nagy, shares her favorites moments, what comes next and where you now have to go to get the best smoothie!

What was your original motivation for opening Strawberry Fields on the lively Bridge Street of Phoenixville?

We wanted to bring a healthy, friendly, alternative lifestyle cafe to Phoenixville that reflected our personal way of living. We believed there was a need for such a place on Bridge Street.

Much of Strawberry Fields was focused on organic and healthy offerings. Will your next venture be centered around that lifestyle as well?

Most likely. We want to do everything based on our belief that clean living is the most rewarding way to be.

So what does your next venture include?

We plan to launch a Strawberry Fields website/store that will offer healthy products, including our own vegan oat bars that became so popular with our customers.

There are many locals saddened and curious as to why Strawberry Fields is closing. Could you elaborate on the unfortunate incident?

We needed to close largely for economic reasons.

There were a lot of events and special occasions that occurred in Phoenixville during Strawberry Fields’ reign. What was your fondest memory?

Our fondest memory will always be the wonderful people that we met at Strawberry Fields, from all walks of life. No festival or event could ever trump that.

What will you miss the most about Strawberry Fields? Is it the creativity in your menu, working with local vendors, the customers or something else?

Undoubtedly, the customers, especially those regulars that became friends over time.

If your customers had to find another local smoothie to feast on now that Strawberry Fields is closed, where would you recommend?

Animo in Haddonfield, NJ. A long way to go, but worth it.

Any other final words or comments?

We’d like to thank those people who helped make Strawberry Fields special and a fun place to be. A village needs to stay united in order to make the whole thing work for everyone involved.

Photography by Strawberry Fields.