Welcome back to “Phoenixville by the Slice,” the column dedicated to one thing only. This is the second serving of the Phoenixville pie and this week we’re covering Grid Iron Sports Bar & Pizzeria.


It’s not on Bridge Street, off 113, or in any of the shopping centers, but Grid Iron does have a home in our beloved zip code of 19460. Not too far from the fold, Grid Iron is located off Township Line Road, smack dab in the middle of a local neighborhood. I’m not kidding. This spot literally is a neighborhood pizza joint.

But this is unlike most spots in town. There are sports bars and then, there are “sports bars.”  You’re scratching your head, right?  I’ll explain.

For those who have pride in their Philly teams, this place is for you. Grid Iron takes the concept with flat screens above and beyond. There’s probably no way you could have a seat at Grid Iron and miss the game. Panels are mounted above the bar, on the walls and at each booth. When you find that angle to watch the game, you’ll spot a jersey, photo or banner that reminds you as a sports fan, this might be the finish line for you.


I had a friendly chat about the menu with Matt Jones, the General Manager. We talked about their beer selection as well as the extravagant flavors of wings, which by the way, new flavors are on the way. But this is a pizza column! We’ll save the wings for another time.

The list of pies offered isn’t run of the mill. As a matter of fact, some of the selections change each week. I just so happened to pick the right day to join Grid Iron because every Friday afternoon, Matt conjures up a pie or two with a random combination of toppings. Today, I was diving into two personal pizzas: a white pizza topped with garlic, broccoli, and grilled chicken (pictured below, to left); and the other was white with bacon, pineapple and roasted peppers (pictured below, to right). I asked Matt what which of the pizzas is his personal favorite. He claims his Chicken Pesto Pizza is the best of the bunch. If anyone has tried it, please share your thoughts!



Before I sunk my teeth into the personal pies, Matt brought out a large plain. If you’re a lover of cheese, like me, this is right up your alley. Nice amount of sauce with a good color on the crust.

Now, I don’t know if the Friday pies Matt creates are normally all-white, but this week they were. I’m getting a sense that white pizza is becoming more popular. As I continue my pizza journey, I’ll keep my taste buds locked and loaded for pizza with and without sauce. I will say when you take sauce out of the equation; you can concentrate more on the toppings.

Matt and his staff aren’t afraid to mix things up. I know this is a pizza column, but I have to mention the salad he served too.

This had lettuce, mint, onions, Feta cheese and watermelon. No tomatoes found and not one drop of dressing applied. The juice from the melon actually gave the flavor the salad needed without Ranch or Vinaigrette. I was rather impressed with the unique twist. Grid Iron is trying to be more than just a sports bar. They’re looking to give something else in return for the visit.

Overall Experience

As a lover of pizza and micro brews, Grid Iron could actually be the pizza place for me. The price is right as well as the taste. Matt and the rest of his crew are always offering something distinctive including great service.

I know a number of you don’t know the location, or if you ever heard of Grid Iron yourself, but maybe that just makes it Phoenixville’s best kept secret, even from itself! It definitely has its loyal customers, with a number of newcomers dropping by too. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good pie, a pint of solid brew and a place to enjoy the game, well Grid Iron just might be a home run.

Grid Iron is located at 934 Township Line Road, Phoenixville, PA. They are available by phone at 610-933-7446. They are open 7 day a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Click here to find them online, and here to find them on Facebook.