The stakes are already set pretty high for the First Annual King of Prussia Beerfest Royale unfolding October 5 and October 6 at the King of Prussia Mall Parking Lots (adjacent to the Court). Exclusive offerings will be available at the Friday night preview party, Saturday’s beer line-up continues to grow, food vendors are among the best in the area, the musical talent is top-notch and talks of an all-expense-paid trip giveaway has also been mentioned on their Facebook page.

So, how could KOP Beerfest get any better? Only if local Boxcar Brewing Company was releasing an exclusive brew for the festivities which, what do you know, they are! The special Okoberfest ale from the West Chester brewery, Beeron von Steuben’s Reserve, will debut on Friday for the first-time-ever but will also be available to October 6 attendees. They started brewing the special batch in mid-August and couldn’t be happier to present it at such a special affair.

The beer is said to be a traditional Oktoberfest but brewed in a non-traditional style. There is an incredible combination of German Hops (Hallertau and Spalt), Vienna Malt, Munich Malt and Pilsner Malt which present unique flavors not typically tasted in an Oktoberfest. Getting a taste of the rare Oktoberfest should be considered an honor since it’s designed and crafted specifically for Beerfest Royale and only available in King of Prussia. A few local  retailers will also carry the specialty brew based on availability.

Sounds delicious and all but why the funny name?

Beeron von Steuben’s Reserve draws its name from Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. The former Prussian staff officer was instrumental in training the Continental Army to be a strong, capable force as they departed Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War.

Seems pretty appropriate, don’t you think? What’s even more appropriate is getting a taste of the exclusive brew. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, slide on over to the official KOP Beerfest Royale event website and check out your options. There are special deals for large groups and single tickets available as well. In the end, just make sure you get there and get a taste of Boxcar’s Special Batch, along with many other favorites! Cheers!

Photographs courtesy of Boxcar Brewing Company.