I arrived at Vedge last Wednesday after work, truly excited for a taste of Art in the Age’s newest spirit, SAGE. I’ve enjoyed this line of craft spirits before, but I knew I was in for a treat this time.

Once inside the comfortable lounge around the corner from Vedge’s spacious bar and dining area, I was greeted with the first specialty cocktail of the evening—“Sage Blossom.”  Light and refreshing, this drink featured SAGE, citrus, canary melon, orange flower water and soda. The 80 proof SAGE was wonderfully flavorful, making for a refreshing cocktail that still packs a punch.

SAGE is a “garden gin” made with organic botanicals like thyme, rosemary, lavender, fennel and sage, making for a savory spirit that can hold its own in some seriously cool concoctions. Refresh some of your favorites by trying out the “Greenhouse Gimlet,” “Sage and Tonic” and “Sage Martini.” After tasting the citrus flavors in the “Sage Blossom,” I’d love to see how SAGE would work as a complement to the traditional shandy, my go-to summer drink.

Also on the menu were three other SAGE inspired cocktails, as well as a host of vegetarian hors d’oeuvres. I snagged a bite of the smoked eggplant dip and had to practice some serious restraint in order to avoid claiming the tray as my own. (Note to self: return to Vedge soon!)

The preview of SAGE was awesome, and I can’t wait to go get a bottle and start experimenting. This is the perfect spirit to surprise friends with—they’ll never look at a gin and tonic the same way again. Cheers!

Find Vedge in Philadelphia’s Washington Square neighborhood at 1221 Locust Street, or online at vedgerestaurant.com. More information on SAGE or Art in the Age spirits may be found at artintheage.com. Click here to score a fine lineup of SAGE-infused cocktail how-tos.

Photographs credited to Art in the Age & Chelsea Sproul.