A new kind of cooking show is coming to PBS this Friday, November 9th. Besides featuring the famous David Chang of Momofuku as the main attraction, the new series, “Mind of a Chef,” will be narrated by everyone’s favorite Anthony Bourdain. Unlike any other cooking show, “Mind of a Chef” will look to explore unusual recipes, such as in the first episode when Chang crafts cacio e pepe with instant ramen.

In addition, Chang will share tales from his childhood and how they influenced his cooking styles today. Bourdain is hoping that this is “a new type of cooking show, a kind of intellectual biography,” as shared by the New York Times. He says that the show is “exploring the creative process, the anatomy of a style of cooking.” Judging by Bourdain’s hit series, which carried its own special flare, there’s a good chance we’ll want to take his word for it.

Snag a sneak peek of the new show via the preview episode HERE and let us know what you think. Then, don’t forget to tune in this Friday for the real deal. Be sure to check your local listings for accurate times so this one of a kind premiere is not missed.