West Chester’s Breakfast Queen will soon be reigning over more than just West Chester. Market Street Grill‘s executive chef Darla Riccetti and owner-operator Kerry Greco are opening a second location in Downingtown.  

Next week, as of Tuesday, July 9, they will be taking over the kitchen at Blue Cafe (150 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Downingtown) with the plan to keep the existing menu for a few months before making renovations and implementing their crowd-pleasing West Chester dishes sometime in October.  

The tentative name for their new space is Green Street Grille and diners can expect to see the same offerings from their Market Street spot.

“It’ll be the same MSG experience just another location,” Downingtown resident Riccetti explains, who is “looking forward to becoming a part of the Downingtown culinary community.”

Their new location will add some exciting additions to the duo’s portfolio with outdoor dining space and a potential for catering services. Darla wants WC locals to be sure that we know she’s “not leaving leaving West Chester, we are just expanding.”

The Blue Cafe opened in 2004 by owners Paul and Patti Frank. The couple announced just today on Facebook that they had sold the restaurant to the crew behind Market Street Grille, welcoming Greco to Downingtown and sharing that he is an “exceptional person” and that they are “so excited for him.” 

Click here to review Market Street Grill’s menu. Visit Downingtown’s newest restaurant, Green Street Grille, as of Tuesday, July 8 at 150 E. Pennsylvania Ave.