With National Pie Day falling on January 23, Dish readers have an excuse to seek out the perfect slice soon. Can’t make a date with pie on such short notice? You have our permission to celebrate all weekend long.

The American Pie Council takes the creation and consumption of this heritage dessert very seriously—so seriously, in fact, that they offer memberships at various levels, as well as a countdown to National Pie Day on their website. Many cultures have enjoyed their own versions of pies through the course of history, and the combination of pastry plus a filling (either sweet or savory), seems universally comforting. Looking for local pie possibilities?

Here are a few suggestions, ‘crust’ in time for the 23rd:


Northbrook Marketplace1805 Unionville-Wawaset Rd., West Chester, PA 19382

Highland Orchards1000 Marshallton-Thorndale Rd., West Chester, PA 19380 

Linvilla Orchards137 W. Knowlton Rd., Media, PA 19063

While orchards are traditionally a hot spot for autumn activity, these three local institutions have bakeries that operate year-round. Northbrook, Highland and Linvilla all offer a selection of fruit pies as well as other varieties. In celebration of National Pie Day, Linvilla is offering a buy two, get one free deal from January 23-January 27. Now that’s a lot of pie.


Yori’s Church Street Bakery15 N. Church St., West Chester, PA 19382

It might be difficult to enter Yori’s Church Street Bakery and focus strictly on pies with such a wide variety of sweet options available. When you go, though, don’t limit yourself only to owner David Yori’s fruit, brownie and Boston cream pies—give the tarts and turnovers a little love, too.

Cakes and Candies1332 W. Chester Pike, West Chester, PA 19382

Baker extraordinaire Maryellen Bowers is the local culinary queen of all things confectionary. Pop by her all-pink shop and treat your senses to refined slices of classic pies (apple, cherry, etc.), or indulge in her innovative creations, like the Oreo-stuffed mini pies. Heck, while in house, treat yourself to some mini cupcakes too. You deserve it!

Nomadic Pies344 W. 1st Ave., Parkesburg, PA 19365

They may be nomadic, but you definitely need to track them down. To say the options offered by Nomadic Pies are extensive would be an understatement of deep-dish proportions. From quiches to savory pies to a glorious list of sweets (caramel apple crumb, anyone?), Nomadic has it all going on. Check the schedule on their website to find out where and when to locate them next!

Trader Joe’s (various locations)

It has happened to the best of us: we make a Trader Joe’s run only to find that a delectable dessert we didn’t have on our list has jumped into our cart. To celebrate the day, let your next stowaway be one of TJ’s pies. Enjoy the convenience of grabbing your favorite flavor while completing the rest of your grocery shopping.

Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery646 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

Does the combination of pie and beer sound too good to be true? It’s actually happening. In celebration of National Pie Day, Melissa Stout-Greiner, sous chef and pastry chef at Barren Hill will prepare a creative selection of pies to be paired with various beers and punches. The event will take place Thursday, January 23 from 5—10 p.m. Get all the details, including a menu of pairings here.

What type of pie do you think is best for celebrating a momentous occasion like National Pie Day? Share with us in the comments section below!