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About Kreutz Creek Vineyard Tasting Room

This BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) is a fantastic spot to bring the best food in town to enjoy a sampling of local wines. With live music on the weekends, local cheese and crackers, people watching during the afternoons and bottles available by the case… this is the best BYOF in town!

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Latest Reviews

  • This place is great! I cant really say what is the best here….the joy of wine lies within the tastebuds of the drinker. I will tell you a trick….its right near Limoncello’s fine establishment. If Limoncello is busy, just order food to go and bring it with you to Kruetz Creek! You experience two of West Chester’s fine establishments at one time!

  • In November, I held a private party for my Husband’s 70th Birthday at the West Chester Tasting Room. Carol and Michele were gracious hosts and made it the event of the year for the 30+ friends who attended,as well as me and my Husband. We brought a buffet and Carol and Michele provided the perfect wines. A grand time was had by all. I would highly recommend that you host your next private party at the West Chester facility.

  • This is such a great “date night” spot. My husband and I just went for our first visit. There’s a nice variety to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. We took a bottle of their new Holiday Wassail home, very tasty to heat up and serve during holiday festivities or just a romantic night in by the fire.

  • In the meantime, visit the vineyard. Taste some wine and sit in an adirondack chair on the grass, overlooking the vines and the gorgeous valley beyond…

  • We send a staff member every other day to peer in the window and yell,

    “Hello?, Hello?”

    Still no answer. It is now day 237. Why are do you taunt us Kreutz Creek Vinyard Tasting Room? Why?

  • Sarah Reese Sarah Reese said:

    Tasting room is not yet opened. . . I wonder what the deal is! Investigating reporting to ensue.

  • My fiancee and I love their wine…our favorite is the Chambourcin. Very reasonably priced, good quality, and very nice owners. We are really looking forward to welcoming them to West Chester.

  • I have not been to the tasting room yet, but I was able to try an array of wines at an event that they were attending. Very nice owners and the wine is actually very good for a local winery. I am planning on visiting there tasting room to get an even better feeling for the winery.