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About Landmark Americana Tap and Grill

West Chester’s restaurant scene continues to raise the bar, and this new restaurant is no exception. Self-classified as a casual eatery, Landmark boasts beautiful, dark-wood bars and stone-wall details, as well as fun touches, like contemporary lighting and unique menus. The staff are friendly, and the menu includes a variety of items to fit all tastes and budgets.

WC Dish Recommends: Irish nachos and Caribbean salmon salad with mango dressing

Latest Reviews

  • I like this place. I think the hot wings are the best in the area. Nice and crispy. And they have a few days when wings are 50 cents each.

    Also a great bar with lots of TVs. I just wish they had more drink specials earlier.

  • Yeah, there are a bunch of real goons working there, including the people in charge.

  • alex, do you know who that was by any chance…had a bad experience also there

  • Tiffany im not sure if this response shows up but if you could contact me at my email address. I would appreciate it. I had a similar episode with the bouncers. Response would surely be appreciated. thanks

  • Tiffany, please contact me. I had a worst situation at this bar with the bouncers and I need to talk to you…

  • Did you ever hear of a “Reservation.”
    I love when people call places racist..especially when a large amount of their employees including one of their managers is not white…give me a break. It’s about time to get over playing that card…

  • i have to disagree i am from ny and went there the other night with a bunch of friends and family.. and the 2 men outside were very nice and respectful.. and the drinks were a good price.. i did not have any of the food so i cant comment on that…

  • This is the worst bar to go to in WC. The bouncers are not only rude, they border on abusive. I have had two terrible experiences at this place. The last experience will definitely be the last. I was there with my friend and she had taken her sweater off while dancing on the “dance floor” down stairs. She placed it on this black box near the dj both when the bouncer reacted as if she just did something completely in appropriated and yelled that she can’t leave her sweater there. The bouncer then proceeded to stand on this black box (subwoofer possibly) and look over the huge crowed of maybe 15 people looking as if he were a hawk seeking out prey. It was utterly ridiculous, he looked like a complete fool. So I took my friend’s sweater and placed it on a ledge that ran across the back wall which already had drinks resting on it. At that point the bouncer leaped off his box and smacked my friends wrist, where she spun around to the bouncer screaming in here face “what did I just tell you??!!”. When did it become a crime to take off your sweater at a bar?? There was no harm in what we did and the bouncer was obviously suffering from roid rage. A very similar experience happened once before, but I chalked it up to an idiot kid bouncer. They have not restaffed and haven’t fixed their problem of rude and abusive bouncers. Since then my friend filed a formal complaint. Do not support this establishment.

  • People can age after a piece of paper is printed , possible he turned 21 the day after the program was made …….why in the world would someone else who is not bothering you at all determine how your meal turned out ?

  • after having a great meal here i was disapointted to see
    that thi place service underage people. i sat there and
    saw a WCU football player , who is listed in thier football
    progran as a 20 year old player drinking at the bar. for a
    place that has class i dont see why they would need to have
    underage drinking to make money

  • this is the most ridiculous comment i have ever read. they are always like that with their tables no matter what ur race is. they dont have the nicest employees but its not because of race. im white and get treated the same way! so put your “race card” back in your pocket!

  • Landmark was awesome! I ate there last night and they have a HUGE beer selection. Good appetizer selection too, and for happy hour they are all 1/2 price. Better then the food at barnaby's, Ryan's, Kildares, etc. Chicken Imperial was sooo good and our server was very friendly and recommended the brownie dessert, which me and my husband loved! Oh, and Sundays kids eat free so our 2 kids enjoyed their meals for free! Def going back soon…

  • This is an outrageous comment. landmark Americana is nowhere near racist. It was probably for a reservation. Maybe you should make one next time.

  • I have been a resident of the borough of West Chester now for 6 years and have been to Landmark on many occasions. I generally find it to be a pleasant and clean atmosphere with accommodating employees. However, last night Thursday June 17th, my girlfriend and I had a very different experience. As we came into the bar, a particular bouncer was very discourteous to us. He came from behind us and grabbed my girlfriend (29 year of age) with unnecessary force to get check our identification. We then provided it to him and asked for an apology for the superfluous forced used. He refused and continued being disrespectful. I refuse to return and warn others of their employee attitudes.

  • Frank Rizzo said:

    Ordered the buffalo chicken wrap which was average at best and took forever to get to me. I forget what my friends ordered, but they were equally unimpressed. I'd have to blame the amount of time it took on the wait staff over the kitchen staff as my drinks were continually empty and the check took another 20 minutes. Forget about going there after 8pm as the dining environment rapidly alters to a drinking free for all.

  • My boyfriend and I ended up here for dinner one night. The place was almost empty and we got seated all of the way in the back right next to the kitchen. You'd think they would use some of the better tables they had available. The service was bad and the food average bar food at best. Stay away from the ahi tuna spring roll. My salad was okay but had only about 3 oz of chicken on it. I do have to say the banana dessert was awesome. It looked like it might be a good place to go for a drink but we will not be back fod the food.

  • Went there to meet a friend of mine and hang out for the evening. I waited, standing directly in front of two waitresses for assistance finding a seat. Niether of them acknoledged me. I went up to the Bar and spoke with the bartender who thought this was very strange and we went back to the two hostesses. They said the wait was 40 min and that there were no available tables. I pointed out two tables that seated two that were not occupied and they said that they were for a party. There was no party present and it made no sense that they should have those seats so remote from where the rest of the group may have been seated. Both of the girls were exceptionally curt and rude and I believe that thier actions were personally motivated due to my race. I believe this place to be elitest and racist. I wouldn't reccomend anyone support this establishment.

  • Best happy hour specials in WC! Cheap beer, cheap martinis, 1/2 price appetizers. The food is decent, I love the crab dip and chicken fingers. If you order anything more complicated than that you will be disappointed as the entrees are expensive and very mediocre. The bartenders are usually fairly rude and unattentive. However the waitresses that serve the tables are usually really plesant and efficient. The crowd can be a bit obnoxious late night and on the weekends but it is a fun place to go.

  • We go to Landmark fairly often because we like the food and it’s a good place to watch the Phillies. The service has consistenly been poor but nothing we haven’t been able to live through. We tip accordingly to the level of service so if anything Landmark saves us a bit of money because we don’t tip our normal 20% there.

  • I went there to have a nice dinner with my wife. It was a Sunday, so I figured the college kids would be taking a break. NO. People were screaming at the television during the Phillies game and one kid kept growling out loud until the managers had to make him leave. No one wants to go out to dinner where bouncers are needed. Do not recommend eating here.

  • Phil Koppenhofer said:

    We were a party of 6 on sunday evening, June 14, 2009. The food was acceptable, but not great and it was more like pub food in an atmosphere that could be so much more. But paying $102 for pub fare is a bit much. It was not crowded as there were less than a dozen people at the bar and maybe 7 tables occupied at the 6PM-7PM hour. I think this is a combination of the poor reviews and the current economy couples with the wide selection of restaurants in WC.

    What really left a bad taste was that the service was terrible and they imposed a required 18% gratuity. We normally tip 20% for adequate service and more when it is exceptional. We had to clear our own table because there was not enough room for those plates with the dinner plates. We got water refils at the bar and tracked down another waitress to get our bill after a 20 minute wait. Then I had to track down my credit card after another 10 minutes. I told the manager there was a problem, but could not stay to get resolution. He will get a copy of this review.

    For meals this is a decent atmosphere, food is acceptable, but overpriced. Service for us was terrible. Unfortunately we did not read the other reviews before making our decision. We will next time, because they were right on.

  • Been for lunch a couple of times and it was ok, so I tried dinner last Friday night and was underwhelmed. I ordered the new menu item prime rib panini and it was all gristle and very greasy coupled with very poor service. There are so many other choices in West Chester instead of wasting my money at the Landmark.

  • This restaurant is decent. They have a GREAT Happy Hour and weekly specials. I go on Wed. for Trivia and you cant beat the $20 towers! Not bad, just dont expect 5 star quality food.

  • Are these comments being censored now? I see the one I left a few weeks ago was deleted. Nice…

  • It's sad…this place has so much potential but it continuously fails on service and quality.
    The food is absolutely TERRIBLE. The waitstaff is equally as awful.
    This place is only good for happy hour martinis during the week or beers during the game. But that's okay, I think that was the intention of the owners to begin with anyway.
    Remember when it was just a parking lot? Those were the days.

  • We've been to Landmark twice now (once in the early summer and again today). The location and atmosphere are great and the food is good (I recommend the seafood bisque) but both times the service has been terrible. The first time we never saw our waiter. We couldn't even leave because he hadn't given us our bill. The second time I ordered the soup and salad combo. My husband and daughter got their food before me. Then after I got the soup and was waiting for the salad (my family was finished with their food) our waitress asked if we were ready for dessert. By the time I got my salad I wasn't very hungry and my family was ready to leave. They seem to have a lot of staff but I have yet to meet someone who knows what they are doing. We really like the concept of the place so we'll try it again in a few months.

  • The upstairs part is good day or night. Wekkend nights downstairs is a disease ridden meatmarket. Bring your mace and keep your hand on your wallet, and thats just the chicks! The guys are even worse. I guess those house arrest bracelets don't work after all with the shady charecters who frequent the lower of this establishment. Upstairs is great though, highly recommend that portion.

  • Went for a late lunch yesterday and was dissappointed. Like Matt I had the cuban sandwich and thought it was horrible. Somehow they even managed to get the bread all soggy. My sister had the barbeque chicken sandwich which was much better. And the fries were great. Still, I can't believe I wasted a lunch on this place when there are SOOO many better places in WC.

  • I have been to Landmark on three occasions now. The first occasion I ordered the Cuban sandwhich. Being a former soux chef and also being Cuban I can be a little biased on my rating of food I do have high standards. However, this sandwhich was a train wreck. It had one thin sliced peice of pork on it about 30 slices of deli ham loaded with mustard on a less then fresh roll. I was highly dissappointed. Then it took over a half hour just to pay for my meal. On the second occasion it was just for drinks. We ordered a beer tower and it sounds like a great idea when your drinking but as I expected the quality of the beer was sub par. It was flat and had a mild off taste to it. Not so dissappointed with that but appreciated the novelty of it. However, we where treated poorly by the waitstaff and my friend had to pay for every soda refill he got at $2 a pop. Something we hadn't had to do on the previous occasion. On the third and final trip I went with my girlfriend I ordered the Buffalo Chicken sandwhich which was actually pretty good but pretty hard to screw up. And she got the Salmon. Her meal consisted of a bland and soggy rattatouille a mediocre looking baked potato, and salmon. Needless to say she didnt finish it and again when I went to pay I had to wait an exorbatant time to pay. I am highly dissapointed in this establishment and will not be returning and it is a disgrace to the booming resteraunt industry in this town that prides themselves with excelllent food. Just because your primary clientelle consist of college kids who care more about cheap drinks then food quality and service doesn't mean this resteraunt should serve sub par food and attrocious service. I will not be returning–ever.

  • Where do I start? It was a beautiful day. I took a half day and decided I wanted to treat my girlfriend for a nice lunch. We left my house and I said lets go to Landmark, it is usually a nice place to go to…

    That is where I made my mistake. Everything started out okay, a little slow, but I was in a good mood. Got our drinks, ordered an appetizer, ordered my meal, got the appetizer, then waited… and waited… and guess what waited.

    Usually I order my second beer during my meal, not after my appetizer. As I am about to talk to the manager my food comes out, great I am full from having to eat the entire appetizer because I was starving. I ask for a manager. He comes out asks me whats wrong I explain the situation and he goes in to try and clarify why it took so long. He leaves comes back says that they do not put in meals till you are done your appetizer. Funny thing is I have been here plenty of times and have had the appetizer and my meal on the table at the same time. Lame excuse.

    You want to go? Make sure they are busy, they are much faster.

  • Sitting in this place right now drinking a Sierra Nevada draft that is skunked beyond recognition…Been here before so I know what I am in for regarding food…my sights are not set very high. My son enjoys the buffalo wings…At least one of us will leave here happy…

  • Samantha R. said:

    We had dinner there last night and found the service pleasant and fun. Don't go if you're in a hurry, just have fun. GREAT MARTINIS.

    Had appetizers that hit the spot.

    It was our 3rd time there, we'll be back for a 4th!!!

  • Ok, I have one big Question…How do they or do they wash those towers that the beer goes in? NASTY!!!!

  • fun night out said:

    This place is a fun night out.. nice place to watch sports and drink and still be able to dance.. but don't go for dinner.. the service there sucks! They take forever to get you your food.. I had to go up to the bar to get a drink because the waitress would not come back around.

  • I'm wondering who is bumping the dish rating of this place since it is as awful as the reviews say.
    Another blight on Dub-C, full of drunk college kids. Hopefully they will be shut down soon, since I witnessed them continuing to serve some of the most inebriated people I have ever seen (and I used to party at Happy Valley). These people leaving the bar look like they are about to pass out. Well, the owners are making money, who cares about the boro, the neighborhood, and the people. Can't wait until this place is gone.

  • We ate there last night with 2 other couples.

    The restaurant was not very crowded, so I can’t understand why our waitress was so inattentive.

    I was never asked if I wanted another glass of wine or anything else to drink. I had to make it a point to ask for water. None of our drinks were re-filled unless we asked. Extra plates, beer bottles, and glasses were left on the table well after they were empty.

    A bowl of soup was brought out for 1 person when all of us order a soup or salad. It was a good 10 minutes before anyone else was brought theirs.

    2 of our salads were never brought out.

    The food was just just ok, I make better Tilapia at home.

    Would not eat there again.

  • Met a group of friends for dinner on a Thursday night. I liked the atmosphere and to be honest it was not very crowded so it seemed roomy. However, I soon figured out why it wasn't crowded. After telling the waitress we needed a few minutes to think about the menu – she must have went on her break because she was a long time in returning to take our order. I ordered the sesame tuna – it probably took another 1/2 hour for our meal to arrive. When it did the tuna was cold as were the mashed potatoes. The vegetable was supposed to be zucchini but it was overdone and overloaded with fried onions….After reading several of the reviews – I would recommend that you stop by and enjoy a drink here but then move on to another place to eat.

  • I went there for dinner the other night. I loved the spinach salad and the flat iron steak that i got. my husband enjoyed his ribs alot. Our server was adorable. she was very helpful and quick. the place was very big and decorated nicely. i am definetly going back soon.

  • Mike the Plumber said:

    Overpriced warm beer and cold food.They said it was a crab cake,more like a crab bite sandwich

  • Have been to Landmark several times. Food is disgusting so i dont order it anymore. The downstairs is fun to dance. Upstairs gets too packed where you cant move on some nights, very uncomfortable. Drinks for the most part are very overpriced (city prices in a subburb town) Actually, The only good thing is their $20 beer towers on saturday. nights. Only go there if friends are meeting there, otherwise i wouldnt bother.

  • Nice atmosphere, but lousy nachos (made w/ liquid cheese). The crab dip is very nice. Service was friendly.

    I'll try it again.

  • Ate at Landmark last week and won't be going back. Drinks were expensive and food was bland and sub par. I had the crab cake and it was just an ice cream scoop of crab and mostly filler on a dry roll.

  • It was a good restaurant, with fair service and food, but I don't think it's anything special- no better than your local applebees.

  • The dinner was moderate at best – but accompanied with loud, trashy country & western music, tepid beer and an exceptionally rude wait staff – I'll save my money next time and go to Iron Hill or Kildare's. You should too. I have no doubt this place will be closed by the end of 2008.

  • Went here for lunch with my business associate. We have tried pretty much every establishment in the boro' and I have to say this is up there as far as quality of food is concerned. Absolutely delicious for both of us and the only thing that keeps it from getting a 5 out of 5 is the speed of service and demeanor of the waitstaff. Kind of snide, and not the quickest. If you only have an hour for lunch it will be tight.

  • Went to Landmark yesterday for the first time to watch the Phillies lose. The room is very nice, good for watching sports. Whenever I go to a new pub I always try the wings and these were not so good. Someone needs to tell these places to not slop on extra sauce after cooking…all it does is make the wings soggy. These were undercooked and soaking wet. Otherwise the beer was great and the service not too bad.

  • My coworkers and I had lunch at the Landmark today for the first time. The atmosphere is very nice, spacious, and clean. We especailly liked the big tv's that hung in the middle of the restaurant! I got the house salad and french onion soup. The house salad was excellent with very fresh ingredients. The soup was ok. It was actually too salty for my liking.

    My coworkers got chicken fingers (very good) and a chicken caesar salad wrap with fries. Both very good, the chicken was fresh and abundant.

    We all would return and check it out for dinner.

  • My Fiance & I are at Landmark Americana on Saturday September 28, 2007. Our food was okay, but the service was not very good & the service of the tables around us was sub-par as well. Our Irish nachos came out with chili, which we asked to not be included. Our dinners came out & tasted okay, once my Fiance went inside (after waiting about 5 minutes) for utensils. The table next to us experienced the same problem. I expected better quality food, but it was your typical bar food. The service standards here at not nearly what they should be!!!

  • Lots and lots of TV. Probably the sports bar in West Chester, visually speaking. Food is a real miss – damn shame too, very nice space. As for the beer selection – very typical (Yuengling, Guinness). Grade wise C, but it has potential.

  • I just went here with some friends this past weekend. We split the triple dip and also the chicken quesidillas. Both were really good. The crab dip is definately my favorite and the hummus is great too! All of the staff including our waitress were extremely helpful. After dinner we headed to the downstairs bar for some drinks. The bar staff was friendly as well. I definately will be returning again!

  • A few of my friends and I went there for appetizers and drinks. The bar was pretty full and the first thing I heard walking in was a girl complaining about her crab cakes. After about 20 minutes we were sat at a table that was right on top of another table. Our waitress made us feel rushed and must not of liked us too much because she stayed away from our table whenever we needed something. The food was sub-par and the music was too loud to talk. We asked to speak to the manager (Dan or Dave I think) and he came about 5 minutes after we asked for him. He didn't seem to care that we didn't like our food. He did offer to take the appetizer off the check but acted like we were inconveniencing him when he offered. My wife told him not to bother since it would be too much trouble and he simply said "ok" and walked away.

    I wold expect this bar to do well because it is in a college town I just think they still have a responsibility to give good service and food for the prices they are charging.

    I would definately not return.

  • went there on a saturday night. The bar was packed with goodlooking people although the selection of music they played was crappy. The female barstaff were rude and seemed to only wait on the guys. (I suspect to get better tips). Needless to say I will not be returning.

  • Stopped in for a light dinner meal early Tuesday evening (9/4). My wife had a bowl of chili, we split a bowl of lobster bisque, and I had the Landmark salad. We thought all the dishes were nicely presented and above average in taste.

    Our first experience was positive and we will return again.

  • I ordered the salmon burger- it had 2 patties that were dry. Had to actually take one off to enjoy it. The sauce on it however was great. The Caribbean dressing on the salad was wonderful. Overall it was just OK, would visit there again, but I would try something different next time.

  • I was very disappointed with my meal at the Landmark. I ordered the crab cake sandwich. It arrived on a kaiser roll,the size of a half dollar about 2" thick. I didn't intend to eat it as a sandwich and my first bite told me it was dry and top it off the bottom was burnt. The salad that accompanied it was the best part of the meal. Our other meals were also disappointing with the roast beef sandwich described as shoe leather and a extremely "hot" buffalo chicken sandwich with warm french fries.

  • I stopped in second day they were opened and ordered a Gray Goose on the rocks with a twist. The drink came in a smallish glass but otherwise it was fine. When I asked for the bill it came to $12.00. I asked the bartender and he said that the computer upcharges drinks 50% if the liquior is top shelf. An $8.00 drink becomes $12.00. I won't drink there anymore. However, the pork sandwich is excellent and the beer is reasonable.

  • Three of us had dinner here recently. The decor is beautiful, very classy looking. The music was a little loud and we had to talk over it.

    Food was just o.k. My tilapia was not cooked all the way through, but after the waiter took it back to the kitchen, the manager came over to apologize and said he would not be charging us for that meal, and offered me a free dessert. Good customer service! They made me a whole new dish and it was very tasty, although the vegetables were over done.

    Waiter service was a little shakey, but everyone seemed eager to please.

    Would definetly return.

  • My friends and I ate there for the first time this week. I love the layout, great place to watch the game, good selection of beers but the food was "OK" – nothing special…

    I heard the roast pork is good so I'm excited to go back to try it. I'll definitely be back to get a beer tower during the first eagles game.

    I would say my overall experience is a 7 out of 10.

  • My wife and I ate dinner at the Landmark and enjoyed the atmosphere but thought the food was mediocre.

    My wife had the ribs which were overcooked and I had the flatiron steak and crab legs. The steak and crab legs were decent but nothing amazing.

    The most interesting thing about the place is the beer towers – giant columns of beer with spigots that they place on your table. If I were still in my twenties I'd call my friends and head over for one.