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About Ram’s Head Bar and Grill

From Ram’s Head…

Rams Head Bar & Grill is the first gastro pub in West Chester.  A gastropub (or gastro pub) is a British term for a public house which specializes in high-quality food.  We seek to provide fine dining quality food, at a reasonable price, in a friendly bar atmosphere.

We have 10 big screen plasma tvs to catch any of the latest sports and news.  Rams Head can host any of your group functions with amble bar and food packages to choose from.  Kids are always welcome with a price fixe of $6.50 for a child entree, beverage, and dessert.

Our downstairs bar is host to a popular nightlife scene that opens every night at 6 pm. While our upstairs bar is non-smoking the downstairs facility meets the state exemption requirements. Rams Head downstairs is a great place to host parties with 100+ capacity.

Please call anytime about current food and drink specials.

Latest Reviews

  • Ram’s Head has by far the best bar food in West Chester. And the beer selection is awesome. Always changing, a wide variety of good sometimes hard to find craft beers. It’s a great place to go watch a game. And, very important, the bartenders know how to work the TVs! They can find the game you want. They are always friendly and welcoming. But back to the food… the Ram Burger is my go to. Awesome. Lamb burger, and I always get a side of the spicy cole slaw. The Poutine is fantastic too, but only if I have been good all week! It’s a gut-bomb. But sooo good. The street food is always interesting and fun. I want to keep this place a secret, as I love that I can almost always get a seat at the bar upstairs. I have not been downstairs because it allows smoking (dissapointing) but the upstairs bar is awesome. Best spot in West Chester. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a colleg-y bar. Well downstairs after 10pm may be, but I am long in bed by then! It’s a great casual place if you are serious about your beer, food, or both.

  • I know!!! We were Big Fans of the burger menu! My son ordered the Argentinian every time we went, which was weekly at the time. Since the menu change we’ve gone occasionally but our devotion has faltered. How hard can it be to stock chimchurrie mayo and manchego cheese? We also loved the Tamarind BBQ wings but the last time we went, I was tasting KC Masterpiece and the “aioli” dipping sauce had suspicious chunks of blue cheese in it. Hmmm…

    Rams Head is a great place- the food for the most part is always good, even though I think it was best right after the place first opened, and the menu is interesting but recognizable. Service is smooth and the atmosphere is comfortable, unless you go on Friday’s around 7 PM. They have live music, a nice gentelman playing the acoustic guitar. He’s lovely and very talented but I think I speak for most of my contemporaries when I say that “Fire and Rain” can be retired. Seriously. I never have to hear it again. Ever. My husband thinks Rams Head has him there to keep the college kids out until after dinner service. I think he may be right, but unfortunately for Ram’s Head, they might be keeping out the under 60 crowd, too. Bring back the Italian Burger and maybe I might change my mind.

  • Smobron,

    Sorry for letting you down on the Argentinean burger. I was always a big fan, but we’ll continue to change the menu seasonally to reflect what people have been buying. If you like a little spicy, the El Fuego burger is awesome.

  • How could they get rid of the Argentinian burger ???????????
    not a huge fan of the new menu but they gotta bring back that burger

  • I’ve been to Rams Head several times over the past year. My reason for going each time was different and each time I was made happy by my choice. Rams Head is refreshingly unique in our “college town” in spite of its collegiate-sounding name. They fill growlers. They KNOW beer. They know what comfort food can be! Don’t avoid it because of its appearance or name. It’s a quietly classy joint with a heck of a lot more personality to offer than some more “mainstream” places around town.

  • Hands down, Rams Head Tavern has to be the worst restaurant in West Chester. I know they were short staffed after Thursday’s storms, but when people who came in 20 minutes after our party ordered, received their order first, that’s a sign of poor management and customer service. The order, one cheesesteak, poutine fries, nachos and a kids order of pasta. Their attitude was horrible and the food was cold with heat lamp evidence. Under no circumstances does it take 55 minutes to get your order.

  • lol @ close to the top of list. maybe shes comparing it to the wendys on 16th and chestnut

  • I can appreciate the atmosphere and the creations of Chef Paris Roldan. Every week I looked foward to the diverse and sometimes eclectic "street foods of the week." Sad to see him go, but the management had him like an eagle trapped in a bird's cage. I hope they stay open considering the cornerstone of their operations is gone. Best wishes to you chef.

  • Had the calamari was amazing!!

  • I agree…the calamari was great. I like when the tenticles are there and not just the rings. The sauce was great and as Annie said, the portion was definitely for 4. My husband had the traditional burger and we shared the wedge salad. Our favorite was the very creative and unique Cracker Jack for dessert– A peanut cake topped with caramel foam with Popcorn ice cream!

  • We just walked home through the wind and snow from our 3rd visit to Ram's Head and we were please yet again with the food. We had the calimari as an appetizer – superbly crisp & hot, yet extremely tender. It's served with a hot/sweet chili sauce – a nice change from the typical aioli or marinara you might find at another restaurant. The only downfall with that starter is that it would be better for 4 instead of the 2 that gobbled it up! We then split the special, an amazing roasted vegetable po' boy served on a garlicky, grilled baguette with a smoky, melted provolone cheese. On the side we had the beet salad with pistachios, blue cheese, oranges and reduced balsamic vinegar. YUM! is my final answer! Great for the whole family. The other attraction is being able to sit by the window and look out on the street and the noise level is just right. We'll be back!

  • We visited Rams Head the night of the West Chester Christmas parade. It was packed in town and the restaurant was no different, we were just happy to get a table (we heard some places in town had a hour wait just to get a table)! My kids really enjoyed the complimentary light sticks that the waitresses were handing out while we waited. We shared the Plaintain pizza for an appetizer, which is probably the most unique and tasteful pizza I've ever had. I had the Ceasar salad and chicken empanadas for dinner while my husband had the pulled pork burger and was in heaven. The kids can't stop talking about the light sticks and it made our holiday night that much more enjoyable. I know where we will be going next year!

  • YIKES. We waited over an hour and ten minutes for our food before finally walking OUT! We did get one pretty ordinary nacho appetizer after we had been sitting for a whole hour. Very, very poor. I used to be a waitress and usually can have a little empathy when the wait staff is busy, but come on now!

  • My fiancé and I decided to meet for lunch in town over my one hour lunch break and chose Ram's Head since we had never been. We walked into a fairly empty restaurant with about 8 total people inside. We were seated and right away asked about drinks and were told the specials. I always like when the waitress comes over right away after being seated. That was a plus. However it went downhill from there.

    We both got simple sandwiches: The Cuban and Louisville Sandwich. But we waited and waited and waited and waited and it took forever to be served when there were only 8 other people in there! We were served our meals and my fiancé was served the wrong sandwich. We told the waitress and then had to wait again for the correct sandwich. Which they still got wrong because he asked for no tomatoes or bacon. The manager never came over to apologize.

    I could understand the slow service if the restaurant was busy but there was no one really in there at all. I will not be going back to Ram's Head again. Especially not on my one hour lunch break.

  • I don't know where Catie ordered her calamari, but the calamari I ordered was perfect. Not so fried on the outside and so tender on the inside. The sause to dip in had a great kick to it! One of my favorites. My Tuna was cooked perfectly to.Great soups to burgers. Wish I lived closer would dine there more often

  • Party of 4 on Saturday 10/17. Service was scattered, but that is excusable because the waitress was new. Food, for the most part, was good- but, my appetizer – the calamari- was "forgotten" and not served with the other apps ordered by our party. We asked about it and when it finally came, they looked like they had been "forgotten" in the deep fryer. Should have sent the dish back, but didn't want to give the waitress grief.

    Shouldn't have eaten even the small amount that I did. Was in pain all night, and sick most of the following day.

    If you order the calimari, make sure they aren't dark brown and over-cooked. If so- send 'em back.

    Otherwise, liked the atmosphere and the beer selection. For me, this will be a place to drink, not eat.

  • Great service, the staff is friendly and professional.
    I ordered the Garlic Shrimp meal. I got five pieces of medium size shrimps on a white plate and a huge bowl of grits. The shrimp tasted good, it was just not enough. I am a petite size, if you're hungry skip that choice. It's a rip off!!! My husband ordered the pork tenderloin, the meat was good, the sauce was hard as a rock, he couldn't dip.The best part of his meal was the sweet mashed potatoes.
    The environment was good, they had live music.
    We just finished eating there 20 minutes ago and I am wondering after paying $50.00 why am I still hungry……???

  • My guest and I dined at the Ram's Head Bar And Grill in downtown West Chester and it was a most pleasant experience. We were greeted promptly and asked if we preferred booth or hardtop. We chose the booth (who wouldn't) and we liked viewing the passing college students, on their way to the Note nightclub.

    The waitress brought us drinks and menus and expertly informed us of the specials. She seemed excited about the Vietnamese pork special, but we decided to go with the regular menu items. My guest started with the Asparagus soup which was delicious, although a bit on the salty side. (She is normally salt restricted, so she may be more sensitive than normal). She did the grilled beef and avocado salad as main course, and it was a culinary delight. Fresh, delicious and beautifully presented. The avocado slices were generous.

    I did the Atlantic Salmon which may have been the best I've ever had. Done to perfection with a crispness on the outside, yet moist on the inside. Salmon is tricky to do right and this was right on the money. Fresh and intensely flavored. The bacon and spinach blended just right, as well as the other sweet and crunchy garnishes. It was symmetrically garnished with razor thin cucumbers that really was a shame to disrupt. The entire dish had a lightness to it that didn't leave me with any guilt.

    For dessert, we split the Ginger Chocolate Tort, made on premises. This was chocolate lovers nirvana with intense chocolate and coffee notes that went from super rich to refreshingly light as it was eaten. There were tiny mint leaves and ginger bits sprinkled on a creamy sauce; again, just right. I think I could live on just this.

    Our waitress's attention was well balanced. Always there and interested when needed, but not overbearing. This is how I like it. Management seemed to be doing everything right.

    My guest commented that she would like to bring a larger group back there again, as it was so good. She goes to a lot of good restaurants in Center City and this was near the top of her list. Enough said.

  • I went into Rams Head last week and was thoroughly impressed with their new menu. It had a new twist: street food of the week. This week featured colombian empanadas– how filling and wonderful; inside of these empanadas were cheeses, chicken, and a delicious combination of potato. Tasted very authentic! Great Restaurant — Great service! It is about time West Chester was graced with such a presence!

  • I miss Baxter's! I loved Baxter's menu, I really do not like the new menu and I had a terrible grilled chicken ceasar salad there. Not sure how a salad can be awful, but it was. The staff at Baxter's was always so friendly – I hope they stick around.

  • Me and my girlfriend decided to try Ramshead after reading the reviews on here. Once again WCDish helped us find a really great place. Not very crowded on a tues we were sat near the front. We started with the calamari and the smoked chipotle chicken soup. Very large portions of both and very tasty. The calamari was enough to serve 4 at least, the soup was rich and had a nice spice too it. For our entrees we had the hot brown and a Caesar salad. The hot brown was the perfect combo of turkey, bacon, tomato, and sauce. I think they put the turkey on the grill which gave it a nice little crunch. Excellent! the salad also was presented nicely and very delicious. We will definatly be back!

  • Rosemary Geldof said:

    My husband and I went last night and what a meal! I knew I would not be able to eat everything I wanted so I had the Corn Cakes, ordered my roasted beet salad to go (having that for my lunch today)and I’ve never seen beets so big!Then I had the skewered pork chops, melt in your mouth fantastic. Having one of them for my lunch today also. Now don’t you wish you were having lunch with me today? Watermelon martini tasted like I should have had more, it was so refreshing. Service was excellent and I know we will be regulars. Keep it up!!

  • I second the cheer for the sweet corn cakes with the confit and goat cheese , we also shared the app and thought it would be an amazing entree in a larger portion , I got the special spanish sandwich …in a word amazing …my girlfriend got the sugar cane skewered pork loin ….sauce was really yummy and the pork was moist and well cooked …I do have a complaint and that is the french fries , I was extremely bummed to see those frozen coated fries that everyone has and I cant stand …I would think with the kicked up menu they would go with a fresh cut

  • Let me tell me you about the best hamburger I have ever eaten, The Argentina Burger was unbelievable. Big, juicy and with the Manchego Cheese and Chimichurri Mayo I hated to finish eating it.

  • PS – They do have a website – it is : http://www.ramsheadbarandgrill.com/

  • Wow. What a treat this was tonight. The Sweet Corn Cakes with Duck Confit sent my wife and I into a fit of laughter as we tried to express the joys in all the different flavors. The Stuffed Filet was intensely, and ethnically flavored. The Desserts were, in my wifes words, a "revelation". Popcorn Ice Cream with Caramel Foam? Who doesn't want to eat that? The Chef has been associated with most of the best restaurants in the are. Im glad he is again in charge of his own kitchen. The food was reminiscent of things Ive had in NYC, LA, etc. We NEED this place! Tell a friend – I know I will!